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It's well known that search results differ between various engines and that each will display web pages according to their respective search algorithms.

The worlds top engineers and search experts behind the scenes write the rules that will determine the most accurate and relevant results - they will award the best pages with top placement. compiles the top search results on maternity, pregnancy, parenting & baby related topics from these engines and assigns a unique PPS (Page Popularity Score) out of 100 according to how each proprietary engine views the importance of that page in its own results - we then display the pages awarded with the highest scores first. You'll see a snapshot of the web's top resources relevant to your search for a given month.

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Our PPS assignments can help webmasters and SEO's see how their web pages rank across the Internet by providing a snapshot of their site's performance on keyword searches for a given month.

Feel free link to us or to show how the Internet has awarded your adventure or recreation related website, you can even provide a link to the PPS web results showing your current rank.

For example, a search for "breastfeeding" would be:

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